Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reliable Technology, Old Computers, Good Energy, Tea

Today I have gratitude for...

Reliable Technology
I was trying to backup data from a college's old laptop today. It was seriously screwed up 'cause the OS just wasn't behaving like it was suppose to be. So I rebooted into Safe mode and I could at least see all the files. I went to insert a USB flash drive, but it didn't recognize it at all. Good thing for good ol' 3.5" floppies! I didn't have any on hand, so i'll have to manuall transfer the data off... good thing its only 4MB of data, and not 4GB! yikes!

Old computers
I remember when I was younger, my parents gave me an old junky computer to play with. Having learned computers from the OS level, like DOS really helps with stuff I do now. I remember fondly of trying to install a game using many disks and hoping that I have enough room on the HD. "Please please please install... or else I'll have to delete another 5mb of data! Oh when HD space was precious. Mind you, HD space is still precious, there's just more of it to work with :) I think I can fill up as many drives you give me...

Good Energy
I really enjoy talking to people with good energy. I always feel good when I talk to people like Pete and Terence. Very calming and I find grounds me a little bit. A feeling of happiness always comes after.

I was feeling really tired today after work. I almost fell asleep as I was tutoring! YIKES! I came home and had a cup of caffeinated tea... I haven't had real tea in a long time. Boy, now I'm wide awake. I didn't realized how much I missed Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. Not too often and not too late in the evening though. I think I may be up a little bit tonight, even though I'm dead tired.

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