Thursday, March 31, 2005

1lb success

Peter just told me that Pangaea has decided to purchase 1lbs of vanilla from him. I'm so pleased that it all worked out. I'm ready to eat some more yummy food for the sake of vanilla! PM, are you ready?

Married guys

What is the deal with married guys!?! In the past few weeks, there have been a number of really attractive guys that I have met that seem very friendly...and I wonder how friendly they are trying to be. Talk about getting wrong messages! They are all attached! It just makes things so complicated. There is one guy that is so nice, but I am very conscious not to get too involved, because I know the boyfriend. Grrrr..Where are the single guys?!? Oh that’s right, the cute single ones are not interested....Great! Sigh...


I was in Vegas over the March break. It was my first major trip that I went on without my parents with me. I am very happy I went with Flo, Jo & Jenn. More details of the trip is up and time to write about it all yet!

Blogging on the sit

The ability to blog while on the subway is an intriguing idea. After reading about PM's ability to blog on the run, I just had to try it out myself. The thumb keyboard I got for my palm works relatively well since I can get the words in faster than graffiti or hunting for letters with a stylus. I wish I had a Pocket PC now too, although practically speaking I don't need one. Would be fun though!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Foodie's Dream

Ahhh... a foodie's dream come true... (at least one part of it)

This weekend has been full of food in its many forms and full stomachs. It started with a Good Eats Marathon at PM's. In the end, we watched about 15 episodes...we are one episode short of finishing Season 5.

While our GOD was on the tele doing his wonderous works and explaining the food science of his cooking, PM made some lovely roast chicken with asparagus, sourdough croutons and potatos. Let me tell you this roast chicken was nothing but delicious... juicy and tasty...unlike my dad's boiled chicken in water and serve...YIKES! Chicken that has flavour was quite a treat! :) Now, this main was followed by a berry salad tossed in simple syrup and a bit of rasberry alcohol...made me drunk just thinking about it.

The next day we had a reservation at Pangaea, a fusion restaurant in the heart of the city. This is the first meal in the attempt to procure custober for Boku's vanilla business. The intent was to eat at a restaurant and by giving a vanilla bean to the pastry chef, he/she will want to buy Boku's beans. These beans ARE very nice! Soft and supple and full of sweet vanilla smell! YUM!

I ordered the following items:

Appetizer: Grilled handmade lamb sausages with goats cheese in filo, arugula, pickled red onions with black cadamom

Main: Grilled Ribeye Steak with portobello mushrooms in port, roasted vegetables, potato frits, green herb mayonaisse (yes, it looks like it has a wing...but it really didn't!)

and the fries...

Dessert: Banana Coconut Cream Tart with mango puree, coconut sherbet and carmelized bananas

PM had...

Appitizer: Rabbit Terrine with foie fras, carrot jam and melba toast

Main: Veal Agnolotti with bacon, leeks, spinach, grape tomoatoes, pommery cream

Dessert: Rhubarb Pillow with poached rhubarb between puff pastry, orange pastry cream and rhubarb granita

While we were eating our main dish, the pastry chef came out to talk to us about the vanilla bean I had sent back to her. She was most pleasant and seemed quite interested in the vanilla. We were quite pleased since we were starting to think that she was not interested in any new vanilla distributors.

I had some hot water with lemon as usual for dessert, and when the server came back, he brought back this...

Such a nice device...totally impractical, but cool to have. I was rather impressed with the crumb picker-upper too, but I couldn't get a picture of it in time.

After that scrumpcious meal... we actually walked over to a kitchen supply store. We saw so many cheap things to get for a kitchen! I think PM is going to get his bday gift from me there...(something for the kitchen)

Thank You Boku for lunch!

Here is Me and PM