Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pending pending pending

OMG…its so stressful. SO close, yet possibly so far away. It’s now up to my dad to agree to help out in this condo project. If he doesn’t agree to it, the whole thing might go up in smoke. He doesn’t think the condo market will last long enough. He think the real estate bubble will pop soon.

There just isn’t enough down payment available to get it off the ground. The anxiety is just too high these days. The condo being a possibility, the not being a possibility. Job interviews that all fall through. School starting in 6 days with no job in sight. Its so discouraging.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Condo Living

I can’t believe what just happened. My mother decided to purchase a condo downtown!!!

As of Aug 27, 2005, my mother signed the papers to purchase a condo. There is still 10 days cooling off period, where it could all go wrong. We have to wait for mortgage approval and such, but otherwise, it is a go! The condo is slated for residency for September 2007, but the floor I’m on will likely move in around January 2008.

There have been so many things going through my mind. Looking at the floor plans, and the model suites, I have started dreaming of design ideas for the space. I am soo excited! The options are quite endless and rather scary actually. I’ve been corresponding with Rachel, my boss, about design ideas and things to think about. I’ll probably hire her to help me pick colours and design a functional space for my purposes.

There are some major things I would like to change in the unit, but financial restraints might put a stop to those. One of which is to optimize the kitchen a bit better. Right now, the kitchen is gally style, which is fine, but the sink is on the far end of the gally, then the stove, then the fridge. I read that it is best to have the sink beside the fridge for easy produce washing, followed by the stove on the other side of the sink. This move could be costly because of the external vent to the stove, as well as changing pipes and cabinet design below. I’ll live with it if it comes to be, but I would be nice to have that change.

Furniture placement will be an interesting one, for there isn’t much wall space. Most of the space is taken up by the huge floor to ceiling windows in a 45 degree arc across the unit. I only have 2 walls in the living area to use for an office and entertainment. It’s a tight squeeze, but I’m sure some design solution will be found to suit the space.

I’m holding my breath for the 10 days to pass quickly and with no hiccups. It will be thoroughly disappointing if this fell through. Even though I had not expected to move out in 27 months, the idea of it is just too thrilling.

Fingers crossed for this project as well as a job…

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Condo Shopping

The idea of going shopping for a condo is so exciting. I’ve been dreaming of living on my own for quite awhile now, and today, my mother is going with me and a real-estate agent to look at a new development. It’s a one bedroom (I really want a 1+den) but who am I kidding, I’ll take what I can get for now! It’s a weird layout since it is on a corner and has rounded windows all around. It basically looks like a quarter cut out of a circle. Mom had to convince me of furniture placement before I would go ahead on it, because there is so little wall space, finding a good place to put my office area is a challenge. I need a desk and lots of storage space for books and stuff.

Its all in the works and there is always a chance it will fall through. Who knows what will happen, but the idea of it is too exciting. I’ve gone out this week and bought two interior design books to start getting ideas on what I would like to see. Before long (if this thing goes through), I’ll have to go to the warehouse to pick colours and fittings and appliances for this place! YIKES! I have already been doing some email consulting with my boss from one of the places I work. She’s just so helpful and fabulous!

Fingers, toes, eyes crossed!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tedium to the extreme

For the past month I’ve been basically sitting at home doing not too much. Today, I actually woke up at 6 in the morning for no apparent reason other than not being tired. Sitting at my desk all day really doesn’t tire me out enough to sleep a full eight hours apparently. I’ve watched 3 movies today already! I’m trying to clear my hard drive of movies so I can make room for more!

This whole summer, I have felt as if I haven’t seen many of my friends often at all. With everyone working, no one really has time to hang out. Not really available in person, not really online either. I find myself talking to people who I don’t really know more than my friends now. It seems that most people I started talking to online have since gotten off the web altogether or are online so rarely that I rarely see them anyway.

Lost another job today also…the school found a better candidate, but the principal sounded very pleased with my interview and has promised to keep me in mind when other postings come up in the future.

I felt like baking cookies today and it turn out mostly burnt. I even used the silpat I bought months ago for the first time. Thank goodness nothing stuck, for the bottoms were all charred. I lost two batches to an over heated oven, but my last batch turned out quite nice. Next time I know… 350C for 15 mins instead of 375 for 10 mins! Very yummy chocolate chip cookies though! No one around to eat them with me though…

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ready! Freddy!... I think

It turns out that neither mister T or myself was completely ready to start anything in terms of relationships. He is dealing with his baggage and so am I. I am happy that we are still friends though. He brings a healthy and reflective element to my life. I have however come to a realization that I need to bite the bullet and just let the opportunities to arise. It is fun to play around. I think that seeing someone is much more rewarding, but I am still leaning to have an option for some degree of openness. I am not really sure where things will go. After two years of singledom, having two potentials that went into friendship, I find, it’s just a hard thing to find a good match.

Hunting for work

It’s really more like waiting for work to come up. The process of finding a teaching position is quite frustrating. No principles are working over the summer, so any phone calls or faxes won’t even be looked at. At two weeks before school starts up again in September, only a small handful of jobs are available. Most of these jobs are half time or in upper junior grades. The full time job I was interviewed for went to a classmate who would be a great teacher. I am happy that at least I lost a job to someone very competent, rather than some other Joe blow. I was interviewed for a half time position today and I am not certain if I will take it. Two of my teaching friends have suggested I holdout for a full time position. There are no guarantees that any primary positions that come up in the days leading up to September will be full time either. There are also possibilities of any position to be redundant due to unexpected lower numbers and attrition. In that case I could be transferred to another school with a grade I don’t want. Anything can happen in the next few weeks. The notion of not knowing what is going to happen is rather frightening. My fingers are crossed to find a full time job for September; otherwise, it goes to supply teaching and long term occasional positions. Some LTOs turn into full time jobs, but there are nothing that are for sure there either.

How many can you take at a time?

I was hurrying down the stairs a the subway station today and saw the man in front of me taking two steps at a time down while I took one. For some reason, I don’t feel comfortable enough to take that many steps going down. I can take two steps while going up though. How many steps can you take going down stairs?