Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tedium to the extreme

For the past month I’ve been basically sitting at home doing not too much. Today, I actually woke up at 6 in the morning for no apparent reason other than not being tired. Sitting at my desk all day really doesn’t tire me out enough to sleep a full eight hours apparently. I’ve watched 3 movies today already! I’m trying to clear my hard drive of movies so I can make room for more!

This whole summer, I have felt as if I haven’t seen many of my friends often at all. With everyone working, no one really has time to hang out. Not really available in person, not really online either. I find myself talking to people who I don’t really know more than my friends now. It seems that most people I started talking to online have since gotten off the web altogether or are online so rarely that I rarely see them anyway.

Lost another job today also…the school found a better candidate, but the principal sounded very pleased with my interview and has promised to keep me in mind when other postings come up in the future.

I felt like baking cookies today and it turn out mostly burnt. I even used the silpat I bought months ago for the first time. Thank goodness nothing stuck, for the bottoms were all charred. I lost two batches to an over heated oven, but my last batch turned out quite nice. Next time I know… 350C for 15 mins instead of 375 for 10 mins! Very yummy chocolate chip cookies though! No one around to eat them with me though…

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