Monday, August 29, 2005

Condo Living

I can’t believe what just happened. My mother decided to purchase a condo downtown!!!

As of Aug 27, 2005, my mother signed the papers to purchase a condo. There is still 10 days cooling off period, where it could all go wrong. We have to wait for mortgage approval and such, but otherwise, it is a go! The condo is slated for residency for September 2007, but the floor I’m on will likely move in around January 2008.

There have been so many things going through my mind. Looking at the floor plans, and the model suites, I have started dreaming of design ideas for the space. I am soo excited! The options are quite endless and rather scary actually. I’ve been corresponding with Rachel, my boss, about design ideas and things to think about. I’ll probably hire her to help me pick colours and design a functional space for my purposes.

There are some major things I would like to change in the unit, but financial restraints might put a stop to those. One of which is to optimize the kitchen a bit better. Right now, the kitchen is gally style, which is fine, but the sink is on the far end of the gally, then the stove, then the fridge. I read that it is best to have the sink beside the fridge for easy produce washing, followed by the stove on the other side of the sink. This move could be costly because of the external vent to the stove, as well as changing pipes and cabinet design below. I’ll live with it if it comes to be, but I would be nice to have that change.

Furniture placement will be an interesting one, for there isn’t much wall space. Most of the space is taken up by the huge floor to ceiling windows in a 45 degree arc across the unit. I only have 2 walls in the living area to use for an office and entertainment. It’s a tight squeeze, but I’m sure some design solution will be found to suit the space.

I’m holding my breath for the 10 days to pass quickly and with no hiccups. It will be thoroughly disappointing if this fell through. Even though I had not expected to move out in 27 months, the idea of it is just too thrilling.

Fingers crossed for this project as well as a job…

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