Sunday, May 29, 2005

MAC a la Yorkdale

A visit to the only MAC store in the world was quite an exciting adventure. Seeing for the first time a MAC mini in person has inspired me to think really hard to find a good justification to purchasing one. On top of that a very very lovely 30" LCD HD Screen induced an increased heart rate and drool from PM's heart and mouth respectively. I will return to the store again to gawk very soon.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Moo Moo See, Moo Moo Buy II

More items added to the list of things I bought/used because of PM...

6) LG DVD Burner (I bought it about a month after him, cost me $20 less)
7) CD Storage Master (a great program for those who have many many many burned DVDs/CDs)
8) Blogging on the go (all because of his Axim - I still want one)

More to add later...

BAD = Good Poop

My game in badminton was the best I’ve ever played. I owe it all to a fellow player that has given me some practice on specific skills and empowering me to play a better game. It really is amazing how just a little coaching can do so much. I even broke a sweat while playing today...and I’ve never done that during badminton. It was very hot in the gym too today, but I think it was my game that is to blame for the sweat. Now I’m pooped!!

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Life making me stupid

I went to do an interview with a teacher today at a school, for my internship paper. I arrived at 12:30pm. I was then told at the front office that the teacher had left for lunch because he waited until 12pm for me. It is then, that I realized my meeting was actually scheduled for 12 and not 12:30! Boy did I feel dumb! With only a day left before the paper is due I screw up the one chance I had to interview some teachers. This isn't even the first time I have been late half an hour for something since my internship started. I have been moving appointments 30 mins in my head for some strange reason. I AM getting stupider by the minute.

I think I’ll blame it on working from home too much and getting distracted by the comforts of my desk.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

When techies butt heads

I saw first hand, how a bunch of techies can be really annoying. Everyone trying to outdo each other’s techiness. Techies have a perception that they know EVERYTHING and can fix all things electronic. That, in and of itself is a good thing. To have a positive self esteem about that type of work is helpful to getting things done. BUT when there is a group of them together… OMG! A bossy techie thinks they know it all and their way is the right way. They will check and double check everyone else’s work, then make sure everyone tries it their way, even though someone else has tried it already.

In the end, when push comes to shove, one person figures it out and no one is willing applaud them for their efforts because each of the techies were trying to solve the problem first. The person who solved it gets an automatic smug smile on their face for they are happy to have solved the problem first, and all the other techies try to figure out what they did wrong to prove that they can fix it next time too.

Lesson learned: Keep the bossy techies away, they get annoying real fast.

To be noticed…

The whole notion of being noticed by someone that one is attracted to is extremely thrilling. I’ve seen him around for a few times, and was kindly introduced by a friend just a few days ago. He flirts like crazy, not sure if that’s his regular self or just with me. He is very touchy feely. He said he’s never seen me around before… maybe because I tend to blend in at first. I told him I’d seen him around a lot…he was apologetic for not seeing me sooner. He’s a real sports fanatic… he plays many many many sports and is quite a jock. Probably a first in my books, but there’s a hotness factor there somewhere. Not sure where this will all lead. This is really exciting. I can’t wait to see him again. See what happens next.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The coaster continues to move. I thought I had gotten off, but alas…that was just my imagination. Back to the beginning, the ride goes up, just waiting for the inevitable time when it will all come crashing down. Cheap thrill I guess, I’d rather get off the ride now. Somehow, I can’t convince myself to do it even though I know it is best. Perhaps next time round I’ll get thrown off, that may just prevent me from getting back on.

Medications != Good?

Medications can be such a blessing or not so much. My running nose had prevented me from taking my allergy medication, which happens to be a nasal spray. If I spray, it comes back out because of the runny nose. Here in lies my problem. I typically start using my allergy medication before the season arrives to pre-empt any form of discomfort from my seasonal allergies. Since I was not able to take it for a few days, a problem has started. I started getting dry eyes, runny nose that won’t stop, sneezing that won’t stop. A solution! If I take some cold medication that will stop the coughing, runny nose and such, those symptoms disappear. However, since it is a decongestant, it also dries up my sinuses and disrupts the equilibrium of liquid in my head, causing constant dizziness. So now I’m left with only one option. Stay at home and close all windows and doors. In a sealed environment, at least I can deal with my cold bug without the allergies, but with the weather so nice lately, it’s hard not to open a window to let the “fresh” air in. Oh the joys of medication and the side effects. If only other allergy medications worked for me! Stoopid antibodies!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Moo Moo See, Moo Moo Buy

Items I have bought because PM has bought them
1) External Harddrive case
2) Ikea Knife
3) Silpat
4) Duplex printer
5) Staple-less Stapler

They are the best items and well researched :)

Monday, May 09, 2005


Being sick just sucks! After my night of feeling and looking great at AX, health just seemed to go downhill from there. I started to get a slight indication of a cold, so I loaded up on Cold-FX, which seemed to work other times. Not this time though. After taking the full 3 day regiment of pills, I was still not closer to feeling better. In fact, after the pills, it got worst. Much worst. I ended up in bed for the entire Friday, only waking occasionally to pee and watch an hour of tv, before zonking out again into bed. With no other medications in me, my body did the hard work of fighting off this infection while I lay in an almost comatose state. Good thing I only got worst after my site visits for my internship. I'm still not completely better yet, but at least I'm no longer constantly tired.

The question is... why would anyone really want to read about someone who is sick? If you've just read this, let me know. :P

Sunday, May 08, 2005

And now… this is art because…

I was with my friend IK in the distillery district going around taking photos on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Lots of people were there and many of the galleries were open as well. We stopped in to many of the galleries to see what they have. In one gallery, there was a woman there with two girls both around 10-12 years of age. This woman was telling the girls to look at this photograph and continued to tell them why she thinks it is interesting. Moving to the next photograph, she again, told the girls what she thought of them. In my head, I was thinking, why on Earth are you bringing children to look at art, if you don’t let them form opinions of their own? Yes, it’s one thing to offer suggestions on how to interpret art and model responses, but it’s going a bit far if there isn’t even an opportunity to make any comments. There is no point in allowing people to look at art if they can’t provide their own understandings of it. STOP telling people what YOU think, start asking other people. OY!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ago-massive change

The visit to this exhibit with PM was planned initially for the free day the local counselor organized it for the community. With a lost ticket, it was not a bad idea to wait anyway. The crowds were a bit much from the news reports. In the end, the Massive Change show is essentially used raises social consciousness about the world of design and function in the world now had some interesting ideas. A display of the progression of the Segway was neat since I was on one just a few weeks ago. The photo display with everything in the world either in the visible spectrum or not was well designed. Of course a great part was the staple-less stapler that both PM & I got. Here is a photo of the stapler and the results.

I have the black one.
Very neat idea...high on geek factor. Other products I have also purchased that PM has also:
1. Duplex printer
2. Staple-less stapler
3. I forget the rest… there are more.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pick me up baby!

I couldn’t believe it! After months of AX attendance and I finally got picked up, at least an attempted pick up. I thought I dressed well, looked good, felt great, it was all falling into place. Lots of friends in attendance, people to talk to, met some new friends. A whole slew of people from badminton was there. It was a just a fantastic night. There was this guy that was looking at me quite a lot, and he finally approached me to talk. He was a bit touchy feely, but this time, he was decent looking at least. His whole intent was to bring me home with him that night. I wasn’t about to go home with anybody, but he was quite interested. While he was trying to hook up with me, another man across the room came over and dropped of his business card in my back pocket. It’s so interesting how 2 guys gave me their numbers in one night. This never happens! Wow.