Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Double Whammy

I just found out that my class will not be reduced in numbers this year. Some technical paper shuffling apparently prevented the school from getting an extra 0.5 teacher in the school. This leaves me in a position to really look for another job now. I was looking forward to doing the LTO in the morning and working in the afternoon, but now that is out the window. I would have had, at least, almost full time pay. Now the next step is to hope that when the LTO ends in December, a contract position opens up for January. Things just went from bad, to worst…

Tears to disappointment to relief

I didn’t get the job. AGAIN! The whole idea of having a full time job was so appealing, and it didn’t matter what the conditions would have been. It would have been a team teaching situation, so I wouldn’t have as much control as I prefer, but also would have provided time to really perfect a program. I talked to my principal today, and she was reluctant to let me go, which is a good thing. I will be likely taking a half position with a smaller class, which would be more ideal to work with.

The good side of this whole thing is that I get to stay with my staff and most of the same students. There is still a possibility of the LTO being extended after December, but that is up in the air. If something I loose the morning job after December, I would have to look to another school to take a half time position. It was one of my worst fears to be in a situation where I would have to commute between two schools.

Alas, the right job will arrive at the right time… things are just getting so complex.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tears of excitement?

Is there such a thing? Tears of excitement. I had an interview today at a school close to downtown. It is for a Kindergarten class that could be full or half time. I’m hoping for the full time. I was so excited about this interview that I was literally up at 3am this morning. There are complications of course. My current position is a LTO, so I’m allowed under the collective agreement to jump into a permanent position. The problem lies with reorganization. There may be a half position opening at my current school due to the large class size, but I haven’t heard anything official just yet. If a full position comes up, I will take it. If a half positions comes up at the new school, I will likely have to decline it unless my school doesn’t plan on hiring me on as the half teacher. Everything is up in the air until I find out tomorrow if the new school wants me as a full or half time teacher.

As I was leaving the principal’s office, we talked about references, and he actually knows one of my references personally. I almost did a happy dance right there. This reference is one of my mentor teachers who I just adore and can trust her experience and expertise. I called her immediately to tell her the news. She volunteered to call the principal at school to give her reference. After hanging up the phone with her, I got all teary eyed, because there is a real possibility that I could have a full time job starting next week! Crazy isn’t it? I will probably get a week to get things ready for the next teacher, and say my goodbyes to the staff, students and family. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but its hard not to think about it.

The principal in this school started as a primary teacher, and I think he likes the idea of hiring a male Kindergarten teacher. Not sure if the other candidates are male though. I was on the short list of 4, out of the 50 or so applicants. WOW…I know that people say it’s WHO you know, and I hope WHO I know gets my foot in this door!

I won’t be able to sleep tonight…

*Does a cautiously optimistic happy dance*

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hiring Drama

I am so excited. On Tuesday night, there was a new batch of job postings online. I didn’t hesitate to apply for them, though I did ask for input from my other teaching friends. Since I’m doing a LTO right now, I have the option to move into a contract position at any time. So today, I got a call from a principal asking if I would be available for an interview on Tuesday. I jumped at the opportunity. He did mention that even though it was posted as a full contract position, he might decide to make it a half position, as he currently has a really good LTO in the school. Here’s where the drama comes in. The school I am at right now might be opening up a new class because of the class sizes, and that will mean there will be a half time contract position at the school. If both principal offers me a half position, it will be a very difficult choice to pick one. If this new school offers me a full position, I would have to jump to the new school. So I’m excited to have this opportunity for a full position, I just hope I’m enticing enough to be a full time person at this school I’m interviewing at.

School now: 15 minutes away from home. I know the students already. I like the staff
Interviewing school: close to downtown, 1 hour away, new staff and students, close to my future home (see condo blog).

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have been foiled once already by the union, and now maybe another time. I was suppose to attend a professional development conference for my other job as a facilitator in a father’s program. I had planned to attend this conference for months! My work in the school board however, foiled my attendance. I’m suppose to work 15 full days before I’m considered a Long Term Occasional (LTO) in the board. So right now, I’m technically a supply teacher who does everything. As of last Friday, it was my 10th day. If I had gone to the conference last Friday, I would have had to start my 15 days again. The major problem to this is the pay. LTOs get a lot more pay than supply teachers, I would be losing almost a month of extra money because of this. Of course, it is the union that has put me into this position. As unions like to have things stated very clearly and precise, and school boards have to sign off on it, there is zero flexibility at all. This coming Friday will be my 15th day, and there is a board wide workshop for all beginning teachers. I signed up for this workshop a week and a half ago, giving my notice to the administration to sort out a supply teacher. I was told today, that I would loose my LTO status if I decided to still attend. I understand the position that it is in the contract, but it defeats the purpose of these workshops if people who are suppose to be teaching a class long term don’t get the PD they are entitled to until they get this “status”. So frustrating! Working on a work-around though…