Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tears of excitement?

Is there such a thing? Tears of excitement. I had an interview today at a school close to downtown. It is for a Kindergarten class that could be full or half time. I’m hoping for the full time. I was so excited about this interview that I was literally up at 3am this morning. There are complications of course. My current position is a LTO, so I’m allowed under the collective agreement to jump into a permanent position. The problem lies with reorganization. There may be a half position opening at my current school due to the large class size, but I haven’t heard anything official just yet. If a full position comes up, I will take it. If a half positions comes up at the new school, I will likely have to decline it unless my school doesn’t plan on hiring me on as the half teacher. Everything is up in the air until I find out tomorrow if the new school wants me as a full or half time teacher.

As I was leaving the principal’s office, we talked about references, and he actually knows one of my references personally. I almost did a happy dance right there. This reference is one of my mentor teachers who I just adore and can trust her experience and expertise. I called her immediately to tell her the news. She volunteered to call the principal at school to give her reference. After hanging up the phone with her, I got all teary eyed, because there is a real possibility that I could have a full time job starting next week! Crazy isn’t it? I will probably get a week to get things ready for the next teacher, and say my goodbyes to the staff, students and family. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but its hard not to think about it.

The principal in this school started as a primary teacher, and I think he likes the idea of hiring a male Kindergarten teacher. Not sure if the other candidates are male though. I was on the short list of 4, out of the 50 or so applicants. WOW…I know that people say it’s WHO you know, and I hope WHO I know gets my foot in this door!

I won’t be able to sleep tonight…

*Does a cautiously optimistic happy dance*

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