Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have been foiled once already by the union, and now maybe another time. I was suppose to attend a professional development conference for my other job as a facilitator in a father’s program. I had planned to attend this conference for months! My work in the school board however, foiled my attendance. I’m suppose to work 15 full days before I’m considered a Long Term Occasional (LTO) in the board. So right now, I’m technically a supply teacher who does everything. As of last Friday, it was my 10th day. If I had gone to the conference last Friday, I would have had to start my 15 days again. The major problem to this is the pay. LTOs get a lot more pay than supply teachers, I would be losing almost a month of extra money because of this. Of course, it is the union that has put me into this position. As unions like to have things stated very clearly and precise, and school boards have to sign off on it, there is zero flexibility at all. This coming Friday will be my 15th day, and there is a board wide workshop for all beginning teachers. I signed up for this workshop a week and a half ago, giving my notice to the administration to sort out a supply teacher. I was told today, that I would loose my LTO status if I decided to still attend. I understand the position that it is in the contract, but it defeats the purpose of these workshops if people who are suppose to be teaching a class long term don’t get the PD they are entitled to until they get this “status”. So frustrating! Working on a work-around though…

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