Monday, August 15, 2005

Hunting for work

It’s really more like waiting for work to come up. The process of finding a teaching position is quite frustrating. No principles are working over the summer, so any phone calls or faxes won’t even be looked at. At two weeks before school starts up again in September, only a small handful of jobs are available. Most of these jobs are half time or in upper junior grades. The full time job I was interviewed for went to a classmate who would be a great teacher. I am happy that at least I lost a job to someone very competent, rather than some other Joe blow. I was interviewed for a half time position today and I am not certain if I will take it. Two of my teaching friends have suggested I holdout for a full time position. There are no guarantees that any primary positions that come up in the days leading up to September will be full time either. There are also possibilities of any position to be redundant due to unexpected lower numbers and attrition. In that case I could be transferred to another school with a grade I don’t want. Anything can happen in the next few weeks. The notion of not knowing what is going to happen is rather frightening. My fingers are crossed to find a full time job for September; otherwise, it goes to supply teaching and long term occasional positions. Some LTOs turn into full time jobs, but there are nothing that are for sure there either.

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