Friday, June 16, 2006

Show and Wacky Hair

At work, we had the talent show of sorts and the primary choir and myself performed the song "DO-RE-ME" from the Sound of Music. I was 'Maria' and lead the song on stage. It was such a wonderful performance by all.

It was also wacky hair day. I decided to come with my "hair in a bun". Much to the dismay of students, I came fully loaded with a real bun on top of my head, with chopsticks and all! I even wrapped my head in plastic wrap to "keep my bun fresh". The reactions I got from adults was pure laughter and from students, I got tonnes of strange looks and side smirks. My job was done :) I made sure students really understood the real meaning of "hair in a bun", well, at least, I checked to see if they got it or not.

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