Friday, June 09, 2006

Full time baby!

I finally got a full time position today! After a night of restless sleep and an early morning interview, the position that felt the best was the first interview I had in the beginning of this hiring extravaganza. The school had actively sought me out to apply for the position and they had faith that I would be their best candidate, and boy, did the energy feel good there. Other interviews felt cold and uninteresting while one was a very warm school yet didn’t have what I wanted in the end. I am so happy to have found a school that wanted me as much as I wanted them in the end. I even got the room that I wanted in the grade one school, with a window!

And the best part is, I still got offered two jobs, so I had to decline one. I was in a very unusual situation where I held the power to tell a school that I was not interested in them even before they made an offer. Felt nice and vindicated for a year of roller coaster job changes.

I can now pay for my condo! Woohoo!

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CT said...

Congrats! When are we getting the details?