Friday, June 16, 2006

Mother: Gay people need to try to change

While watching a news report on ex-gays, my mother called me down to watch it with her. She wanted me to see how right she is because at that part of the report, they were suggesting how successful it was. Mom was quite pleased with herself. The report later continued to say that the original success of the ex-gay movement was flawed in its approach because it was biased and lead to more frustration, including suicide. A man who went through conversion therapy came on saying that he had tried this form of therapy only to have gone through several attempts at suicide. The end of the report suggested that there is a genetic component to homosexuality, and that it is not something that can be changed.

The take home message my mother took away: At least that man tried to change. You aren’t even willing to try! When asked if she is asking that I kill myself, she only pushed on with saying that I haven’t tried. She hears what she wants to hear, and tunes out everything else.

It really does a number on ones self-esteem and self worth after listening to her. Guess I'll just have to stay out all weekend again, if not just to get away from this hell that I live in at home.

I was having such a good day before this point too...


boku said...

You should have asked you mother if she has "tried" to be gay.

Ariel said...

Irony is that the 2 founders of Exodus (an Ex-Gay group) left the organization and are now boyfriends!