Monday, August 28, 2006


Grandpa died tonight at 11:40pm in hospital after suffering a massive stroke Wednesday evening during dinner. He was 80 years old. Meanwhile grandma remains in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer and refusing to eat.

This is the first death in the family for me. I’m not really sure how I feel about the whole thing. I wasn’t really close to my grandpa in recent years, as our religious beliefs are so polarized. Perhaps our distance has also numbed my sensations over this matter.

As my dad and aunt scrambles around dealing with their father’s affairs, it will prove to be a learning experience for all, for it appears to be no power of attorney appointed to look after everything, including grandma in the nursing home with massive monthly bills. Perhaps the living will, will shed some light on the matter.

As fellow church goers and family arrive, it will be a massive family circus.

Mom said he was very kind that he passed away before school started up again. I suppose she is right. Sounds kind of strange though. That's my mom!

May he rest in peace with his maker.

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~V~ said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. I understand the concept of numbness over a death of a family member as I felt much the same when my paternal grandmother died. We knew each other but there was a distance between us that I believe shielded me from much grief. Just remember that you are entitled to feel WHATEVER you feel.

Hope your grandmother's situation is settled as simply and soon as possible.

Take care.