Thursday, August 03, 2006

Magazine Subscription

It has become quite obvious how much money magazine companies make off newsstand copies.

I got a notice in the mail to re-subscribe to a computer magazine I get every month. I had this subscription for about 5 years now, and the same procedure takes place every time. I get a notice, I mail it back with a cheque or I call to renew. I had to call last year because they charged me more than I usually get the magazine for, and I told them the previous price I paid. They gave it to me, just like that!

This time, I was smart, I told them a different price than what was on my renew form. And they gave me the price I told them. Amazing! I guess that’s the length they’ll go to, to get someone to pay for the magazine. Despite the fact that the magazine has significantly shrunk over the past few years, it’s a much better deal now than it is to buy it off the newsstand. I’m getting 48 issues for the price of 4 newsstand ones! How sweet is that!?!

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