Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Call from the school board

How interesting the school board to choose my birthday, too give me a call. The reason: to offer me an board interview! LOL. I couldn’t believe it. I already have a job the board. I suppose I should be happy they called me, but as a teacher who has been working for a year already, calling this late in the summer is a bit of an insult. Last year, I was called in March! Maybe my skills have slipped a bit over my year of teaching.


~V~ said...

Hey Moo,

Long time no chat. Glad to hear that the working world is treating you well. Congrats on the full time spot! What lucky grade ones to have you inspiring them.

We Rye grads seem to be doing well for ourselves :)

Take care,

Moo said...

Nice to know someone is reading this darn thing! :) How has V been? What has been going on?