Sunday, June 19, 2005

Picky Tastes

After eating in some of the city's finest restaurants, i have become quite the food snob. After convocation, we went to the gallery grill - on U of T campus for lunch. The food was not bad, although my sea scallops weren't quite done right. Then for dinner, we went to the David Duncan house, a fine dining restaurant with a very very dim ambiance. The fillet mignon was nicely done and had a great soft texture. On the other hand, the asparagus with hollandaise was disgusting. The asparagus was over cooked and terribly limp. The hollandaise was a nasty concoction that looked like it had just been under the broiler but almost as if the sauce had broke. The carrots were also very soggy. Yucky veggies this place produced. The server brought us dessert menus and essentially flung it on the table and the menus actually slid across the table a bit. Very unprofessional. I told my parents I’m taking them to canoe to see how service is really done.

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