Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hugs and kisses

How does one decide who gets a hug only, and who gets a hug and a kiss with a greeting or departure formalities?

I have notice a discrepancy among my friends who initiate a hug only or a hug and kiss either on the cheeks or mouth. There doesn't seem to be a rule that I could figure out from the kisses I get and the kisses I see other people get from the same people.

Call me jealous, but I’d like equal treatment!!!

I'm not one to usually request for a kiss, it’s usually initiated by someone else. My ex, John, usually gets a kiss from me on the lips upon a departure.

What is the rule? Is there a hierarchy or kisses and hugs? Somebody fill me in.

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boku said...

While I think to each his own, I have never really liked the custom of kissing strangers hello or goodbye. For that matter, I find it a bit strange to hug goodbye when you see someone often and you are just leaving dinner or some such event. Seems "too much". Further, to have a total stranger kiss me on the lips is something i dont like and try to avoid. I want to kiss guys I am either sexually attracted to or kiss guys I care about. No one else:)