Thursday, April 07, 2005

St. Lawrence Market Customer Appreciation

I really can't believe our luck! Wile at the SLM on Saturday, one of the vendors gave PM and I a ticket to attend the customer appreciation night. It's basically a free night of eating nice food.

We arrived early to see the public event across the street at the north market. They had many free items to try and it turns out some of the foods were pretty unique creations. VERY crowded though.

Across the street in the south market, the line was pretty long so got in around 15 mins after the official opening. Not a big deal since we spent some time watching an episode of good eats in line on PM's Axim X50v. Some in the line was fascinated with the machine, as I am. A young boy saw the show and showed little interest and later asked if there were other channels! So cute. It is only a movie file, not streaming TV...but oh the possibilities!

Inside, lots of people but not as much as the north market. Hank goodness it is a ticketed event! The food was delicious and all FREE! M vendors had a line, but it was all worth the wait. I even got to eat some more peameal bacon!!!! I love...LOVE that stuff.

We returned to the place where they made crepes, and we saw the Dennis look alike there... Here is a photo.

There were even samples of white fish caviar! They were my first taste of fish babies.

The meat place that gave us our invitations were giving out meat to eat, and of course we paid them a visit. They even had cow balloons! The nice lady there even gave me a few of the balloons to's a picture with her. Thank you meat lady!

By the end of the evening, both PM and I were too full to eat any more and walked slowly home. It was a fantastic evening spent. The best part of all was the price. I hope to be invited again next year! YUM! *rubs tummy*

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