Sunday, November 05, 2006


This is the sordid tale of my issues with pants in the past two week.

Pant 1: Light Khakis
It all started with my run in with a glue sick at crotch level (occupational Hazard apparently!) I ended up picking glue off my crotch for the rest of the afternoon. No problem, glue came out after the wash.

Pant 2: Dark Khakis
As I finished my usual day of work, I go to my neighbour’s house to tutor a grade 3 boy. I sat down in the chair and started to work and realized that I had a tear at one of the knees. I am on my knees a lot, it seems, due to my work and the knee part of the pant did seem to be wearing faster than the rest of the pant. I didn’t realize that it would tear so soon though. With dressier pants, one can’t exactly just patch it up and go on wearing them, so this pair has come out of my closet permanently.

Pant 1: Light Khakis – Part 2
I went to wash these crotch glue khakis with much delight that the glue came out. The only problem was that I had left a ball point pen in my pocket when it went through the machine. Now, I had blue ink splattered all over the back of my pants. I tried to remove it with alcohol, as suggested on websites, however, I hadn’t noticed the ink until after I put it through the dryer. Needless to say, this is my 2nd pair of pants that has come out of the closet.

Pant 3: Dark Cords
Another pair of pants that has shown much wear on the knees. I’ve come to learn that cords show wear much easier than normal pants due to the material it is made of. This time I noticed my knee wore out while I was working. Lovely. Of course, of all days for this to happen, it was a cold day with walk to the bus stop with a gaping hold in my knee for all the cold to see.

I suppose I am lucky in a way. I had purchased two new pairs of khakis in the last few months, so I’m not out of khakis to wear. At about $60 per pair though, I am out $180 these two weeks alone! YIKES!

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