Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nodding Handsome Man

So today, I totally surprised at what I am willing to do to find guy.

I was on the subway home after a long day downtown window shopping with mom and then the Opera with Paul. As usual, I am watching a TV show on my portable movie player. Per my usual routine, I look up once in awhile to know what station I am at, so I can get off appropriately when my stop arrives. I look up and it is North York Station, the 2nd to last stop. Not only did I see the usual blue and grey design of the station, I saw a handsome man standing on the opposite platform. I smile. He nods. HE NODS?!?

This has NEVER ever happened before. I smiled at a guy and he nodded at me! My heart starts to pump. What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?!?! The train rings its usual 3 tones and the door shuts. CRAP! I'm now on the train going North bound, and this handsome man who nodded at me is standing on the platform, waiting for the Southbound train. My mind is racing. What do I do now?

Two options. Option One: Continue on my ride home and take the bus after I get off at the next stop. Option Two: Take a risk and go find the guy. I opted for the latter of the two. I actually paid very close attention to hear if there were any trains going Southbound as my train arrived at the next station. I didn't hear any trains. Upon arrival at the station, I got up and decided to stay on the train and wait for it to go back south again. My heart continues to race.

I sit down on an empty seat, then get up again, thinking I should change cars because the train stops at a different location going in the opposite direction. I make a guess as to which car this man might get on. I finally choose a seat and sit down. The 1.5 minute ride to the next stop seemed to last forever! I quickly took out a piece of paper and pen and write down my contact info, just incase I did bump into him.

The train is arriving at North York Station, I stand up. I look out at the platform as the train is slowing down. I don't see him. I look ahead. I look behind. Maybe I somehow missed him. The doors open. The chimes ring. The doors close. I don't see the man anywhere on this train. I even did a walk up and down the train, just in case I missed him coming on board. He was not on this train. CRAP!

Maybe, he got on the next car! I stood up by the door. I waited until the train pulled into the next station and quickly ran into the next car. My eyes wide open, my heart pumping very quickly. I walk down the car, looking at every man carefully as I walk by. Not here either! DAMN!

I wait by the door again for what seemed like the longest 2 minutes to the next station. The whole time, my brain turning scenarios out for me to consider. Maybe he gets off at this next stop. Maybe he ran to the other platform and waited for me at the next North bound stop. Maybe...

There...the failure of a false reality has set in. He was no where to be seen. I'll likely never see him again. It was a glimmer of hope on a very usual ride home though.

Lesson learned... Smile more. Look at people. Hope for a nod. Maybe HE will be nodding back someday.

If you are reading this handsome man... the date was March 16, 2007 @ 10:50pm. I was on the Northbound train to Finch, and you were standing on the Southbound Platform. :P

Here's hoping universe!

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